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Mountain West Helicopters is an FAA approved part 135 charter operator. Using our new Eurocopter AS350B3e helicopter we can effectively and quickly move 5 passengers to any remote location requiring helicopter access. Our skilled pilots are experienced in safely operating in high altitude and mountainous terrain. Whatever your personnel transportation requirement are please give us a call. We can safely meet your expectations. Experienced in utility line patrol and construction, wild life surveys, geophysical seismic surveys, movie production work, transporting crews, or a beautiful scenic flight in the mountains of Utah we are anxious to meet your helicopter needs.

Manufacturer / Model : Eurocopter AS350B3e
Engine: Arriel 2D
Rotors: 3 blade composite
Hook Capacity: 3,000 lbs
Passenger Capacity: 5 pax

Manufacturer/Model: Kaman K-1200 K-MAX
Rotors: 2 side-by-side intermeshing counter-rotating all composite main rotors, with servo flap rotor control
Engine: One 1,800 shp D-rated to 1,500 shp, equipped with a particle separator
Transmission: Designed for 1,500 shp
Hook Capacity: 6,000 lb. (2,722Kg)
Landing Area: 100 foot radius
Performance: K-MAX has been specifically designed, manufactured and successfully tested for the repetitive lift and torque loading requirements of external load operations. We can lift a 5,000 lb. external load to 8,000 ft. using normal rated power.

Manufacturer / Model: Bell Uh-1H “Huey”
Engine: Honeywell T53-703 High Performance
Rotors: Composite 2 blade system
Hook Capacity: 4,000 lb
Performance: In summertime high altitude conditions the Uh-1H is capable of lifting 2,700 lbs.

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